Adam Maloof's Research

My interests center on the relationship between ancient life, climate and geography.  The Neoproterozoic Era (1000-542 million years ago (Ma)) is a particularly important interval in Earth history because, at the same time that Earth endured radical drift of the continents and a glaciation that sealed the global ocean in ice for millions of years, animals first evolved and quickly became large and diverse. I choose precipitated sedimentary rocks such as limestone as my history books because a single outcrop of limestone may contain physical evidence for the energetics of winds, waves and currents, biological imprints of ecology and evolution, chemical records of the climate system, and magnetic evidence of latitude and geography.  My group conducts extended field campaigns to map these physical and chemical records into a three-dimensional landscape of ancient environments.  My goal is to tell rich stories of Earth history that shed light on the origin of animals and the evolution of Earth's climate.