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Kopp R.E, Schumann D., Raub T.D, Powars D.S, Godfrey L.V, Swanson-Hysell N.L, Maloof A.C, Vali H..  2009.  An Appalachian Amazon? Magnetofossil evidence for the development of a tropical river-like system in the mid-Atlantic United States during the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum Paleoceanography. 24(4)
Swanson-Hysell N.L, Maloof A.C, Kirschvink J.L, Evans D.AD, Halverson G.P, Hurtgen M.T.  2012.  Constraints on Neoproterozoic paleogeography and Paleozoic orogenesis from paleomagnetic records of the Bitter Springs Formation, Amadeus Basin, central Australia. American Journal of Science. 312:817-884.
Swanson-Hysell N.L, Rose C.V, Calmet C.C, Halverson G.P, Hurtgen M.T, Maloof A.C.  2010.  Cryogenian Glaciation and the Onset of Carbon-Isotope Decoupling. Science. 328(5978):608.
Hoffman P.F, Halverson G., Domack E., Maloof A.C, Swanson-Hysell N.L, Cox G.M.  2012.  Cryogenian glaciations on the southern tropical paleomargin of Laurentia (NE Svalbard and East Greenland), and a primary origin for the upper Russøya (Islay) carbon isotope excursion. Precambrian Research. s 206–207:137–158.
Maloof A.C, Stewart S.T, Weiss B.P, Soule S.A, Swanson-Hysell N.L, Louzada K.L, Garrick-Bethell I., Poussart P.M.  2010.  Geology of Lonar Crater, India. GSA Bulletin. 122(1-2):109-126.
Swanson-Hysell N.L, Burgess S.D, Maloof A.C, Bowring S.A.  2014.  Magmatic activity and plate motion during the latent stage of Midcontinent Rift development. Geology. 42(6):475-478.
Swanson-Hysell N.L, Maloof A.C, Weiss B.P, Evans D.AD.  2009.  No asymmetry in geomagnetic reversals recorded by 1.1-billion-year-old Keweenawan basalts. Nature Geoscience. 2:713-717.
Weiss B.P, Pedersen S., Garrick-Bethell I., Stewart S.T, Louzada K.L, Maloof A.C, Swanson-Hysell N.L.  2010.  Paleomagnetism of impact spherules from Lonar crater, India and a test for impact-generated fields. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 298(1):66-76.
Louzada K.L, Weiss B.P, Maloof A.C, Stewart S.T, Swanson-Hysell N.L, Soule S.A.  2008.  Paleomagnetism of Lonar impact crater, India. 275(3):308-319.
Weiss B.P, Maloof A.C, Tailby N., Ramezani J., Fu R.R, Hanus V., Trail D., E. Watson B, Harrison T.M, Bowring S.A et al..  2015.  Pervasive remagnetization of detrital zircon host rocks in the Jack Hills, Western Australia and implications for records of the early geodynamo. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 430:115-128.
Swanson-Hysell N.L, Feinberg JM, Berquó TS, Maloof A.C.  2011.  Self-reversed magnetization held by martite in basalt flows from the 1.1-billion-year-old Keweenawan rift, Canada. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 305(1):171-184.
Swanson-Hysell N.L, Maloof A.C, Condon D.J, Jenkin G.RT, Alene M., Tremblay M.M, Tesema T., Rooney A.D, Haileab B..  2015.  Stratigraphy and geochronology of the Tambien Group, Ethiopia: Evidence for globally synchronous carbon isotope change in the Neoproterozoic. Geology. 43(4):323-326.