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Maloof A.C, Halverson G.P, Kirschvink J.L, Schrag D.P, Weiss B.P, Hoffman P.F.  2006.  Combined paleomagnetic, isotopic, and stratigraphic evidence for true polar wander from the Neoproterozoic Akademikerbreen Group, Svalbard, Norway. GSA Bulletin. 118(9-10):1099-1124.
Swanson-Hysell N.L, Maloof A.C, Kirschvink J.L, Evans D.AD, Halverson G.P, Hurtgen M.T.  2012.  Constraints on Neoproterozoic paleogeography and Paleozoic orogenesis from paleomagnetic records of the Bitter Springs Formation, Amadeus Basin, central Australia. American Journal of Science. 312:817-884.
Swanson-Hysell N.L, Rose C.V, Calmet C.C, Halverson G.P, Hurtgen M.T, Maloof A.C.  2010.  Cryogenian Glaciation and the Onset of Carbon-Isotope Decoupling. Science. 328(5978):608.
Halverson G.P, Dudás F.Ö, Maloof A.C, Bowring S.A.  2007.  Evolution of the 87Sr/86Sr composition of Neoproterozoic seawater. Neoproterozoic to Paleozoic Ocean Chemistry. 256(3):103-129.
Halverson G.P, Maloof A.C, Hoffman P.F.  2004.  The Marinoan glaciation (Neoproterozoic) in northeast Svalbard. Basin Research. 16(3):297-324.
Hoffman P.F, Abbot D.S, Ashkenazy Y., Benn D.I, Brocks J.J, Cohen P.A, Cox G.M, Creveling J.R, Donnadieu Y., Erwin D.H et al..  2017.  Snowball Earth climate dynamics and Cryogenian geology-geobiology. Science Advances. 3(11):e1600983.
Halverson G.P, Maloof A.C, Schrag D.P, Dudás F.Ö, Hurtgen M..  2007.  Stratigraphy and geochemistry of a ca 800 Ma negative carbon isotope interval in northeastern Svalbard. Precambrian Chemostratigraphy. 237(1):5-27.
Halverson G.P, Kunzmann M., Strauss J.V, Maloof A.C.  2018.  The Tonian-Cryogenian transition in Northeastern Svalbard. Precambrian Research. 319:79-95.