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Dahl TW, Connelly JN, Li D, Kouchinsky A, Gill BC, Porter S, Maloof AC, Bizzarro M.  2019.  Atmosphere–ocean oxygen and productivity dynamics during early animal radiations. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. :201901178.
Ahm A-SC, Bjerrum CJ, Hoffman PF, Macdonald FA, Maloof AC, Rose CV, Strauss JV, Higgins JA.  2021.  The Ca and Mg isotope record of the Cryogenian Trezona carbon isotope excursion. 568:117002.
Getraer A, Maloof AC.  2021.  Climate-Driven Variability in Runoff Erosion Encoded in Stream Network Geometry. Geophys Res Lett. 48(3):e2020GL091777.
Rose CV, Swanson-Hysell NL, Husson JM, Poppick LN, Cottle JM, Schoene B, Maloof AC.  2012.  Constraints on the origin and relative timing of the Trezona δ13C anomaly below the end-Cryogenian glaciation. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 319-320:241-250.
Geyman EC, Maloof AC.  2020.  Deriving tidal structure from satellite image time series. Earth and Space Science. 7:e2019EA000958.
Geyman EC, Maloof AC.  2019.  A diurnal carbon engine explains 13C-enriched carbonates without increasing the global production of oxygen. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. :201908783.
Geyman EC, Maloof AC.  2021.  Facies control on carbonate δ13C on the Great Bahama Bank. Geology. 49(9):1049–1054.
MacLennan SA, Eddy MP, Merschat AJ, Mehra AK, Crockford PW, Maloof AC, C. Southworth S, Schoene B.  2020.  Geologic evidence for an icehouse Earth before the Sturtian global glaciation. Science Advances. 6(24)
Geyman EC, van Pelt WJJ, Maloof AC, Aas HFaste, Kohler J.  2022.  Historical glacier change on Svalbard predicts doubling of mass loss by 2100. Nature. 601(7893):374-379.
Geyman EC, Maloof AC, Dyer B.  2021.  How is sea level change encoded in carbonate stratigraphy? Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 560:116790.
Park Y, Swanson-Hysell NL, MacLennan S, Maloof AC, Gebreslassie M, Tremblay MM, Schoene B, Alene M, Antilla E, Tesema T et al..  2019.  The lead-up to the Sturtian Snowball Earth: Neoproterozoic chemostratigraphy time-calibrated by the Tambien Group of Ethiopia. GSA Bulletin. 132(5-6):1119–1149.
Daher H, Arbic BK, Williams JG, Ansong JK, Boggs DH, Müller M, Schindelegger M, Austermann J, Cornuelle BD, Crawford EB et al..  2021.  Long-term Earth-Moon evolution with high-level orbit and ocean tide models. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets. :e2021JE006875.
Maloof AC, Rose CV, Beach R, Samuels BM, Calmet CC, Erwin DH, Poirier GR, Yao N, Simons FJ.  2010.  Possible animal-body fossils in pre-Marinoan limestones from South Australia. Nature Geoscience. 3:653–659.
Kopp RE, Simons FJ, Mitrovica JX, Maloof AC, Oppenheimer M.  2009.  Probabilistic assessment of sea level during the last interglacial stage. 462:863–867.
Kopp RE, Simons FJ, Mitrovica JX, Maloof AC, Oppenheimer M.  2013.  A probabilistic assessment of sea level variations within the last interglacial stage. Geophysical Journal International. 193(2):711-716.
Halverson GP, Hoffman PF, Schrag DP, Maloof AC, A. Rice HN.  2005.  Toward a Neoproterozoic composite carbon-isotope record. gsabulletin. 117(9-10):1181-1207.