Apparatuses and methods for serial sectioning and imaging

TitleApparatuses and methods for serial sectioning and imaging
Publication TypePatent
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsSamuels B., Kellerson K.W, Girit B., Lukyanov A., Maloof A.C, Rozen W.
Application NumberUS13/841,933
Date Published01/2016
AssigneeSitu Studio LLC
Patent TypeActive
Patent NumberUS Patent 9,233,453
Other Numbers48Maloof

In some embodiments, an apparatus comprises: a stage moveable on first and second axes; a material removal tool moveable on a third axis; a linear slide and a guide parallel to the third axis; a mount for an imaging device coupled to the linear slide using carriages; an armature coupled to the material removal tool and the guide that moves the guide along the third axis with the tool; a locking device for fixing the mount along the guide; and a processor that: (a) move a sample to a material removal position; (b) cause the tool to remove a first thickness of the sample along the third axis; (c) move the sample to an imaging position located at a predetermined location with respect to the mounting block; and repeating (a) through (c) until a second thickness of the sample has been removed.