Former Graduate Students

Akshay Mehra, Graduate Student

Akshay K. Mehra *19

Reconstructions of Ediacaran Putative Biomineralizers Via a Novel Serial Grinding and Imaging Technique [54]

Currently: Neukom Postdoctoral Fellow, Dartmouth College. Email:


Amanda Katz, former graduate student

Amandine Katz (VSRC)

Preservation of δ13C and d18O variability in shells from Paleozoic carbonates

Currently: Ph.D. student at Institut de Physique du Globe



Pingping Zhao, former graduate student

Pingping Zhao *19

d44Ca, d26Mg, Sr/Ca, facies, and cyclostratigraphic constraints on the early Cambrian record of δ13C





Clément Jauvion, (VSRC)

Clément Jauvion (VSRC)

3D imaging of flat crustacean fossils from Mesozoic Konservat-Lagerstätten using UV and white light illumination on GIRI, the Serial Grinding and Imaging Technique

Currently: Ph.D. student at Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris