Current Members

Adam C. Maloof
Professor of Geosciences
Office Phone
213 Guyot Hall

Adam Maloof joined the faculty as an assistant professor of geology in July 2006 and was promoted to associate professor with tenure in January 2012 and full tenure in 2019. MALOOF CV

Julia Wilcots
Presidential Postdoctoral Research Fellow

After getting my Bachelor’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Princeton in 2016, I am back — this time in the Department of Geosciences. I received my Ph.D. from the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science at MIT (summer 2022) after writing a thesis exploring the “dolomite problem” from multiple angles and with a focus on Neoproterozoic dolomites. My postdoctoral research is still centered on these ancient carbonates; in the Maloof group I will work on quantifying the stratigraphy of the first Neoproterozoic carbon isotope excursion, the Bitter Springs.

Cedric Hagen
Agouron Postdoctoral Fellow

I received my bachelor's degree from Macalester College in 2016 and my doctoral degree from Oregon State University in 2021. My dissertation research focused on developing and applying an alignment algorithm for stratigraphic time series data. My current research is focused on applying novel computational methodologies, particularly artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, to high-resolution datasets to better understand the stratigraphic record. I am broadly interested in questions that span Earth history and probe bio-geosphere relationships.
[60] (Website)

Bolton Howes *23
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Office Phone

I received my bachelor's degree from Macalester College and my master's degree from the University of Georgia. My current research interests center around understanding transitions from icehouse to greenhouse conditions in Earth's history. I am particularly interested in how sedimentary and biological systems react to these climate transitions and will use physical stratigraphic and geochemical data combined with numerical modeling to decipher their response. [82] [81] [74]

Ryan A. Manzuk
Graduate Student
Office Phone
209 Guyot Hall

I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago and followed that with a two-year interlude as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guinea, West Africa. Broadly, I am interested in researching the interplay of climate, environment, and biological evolution during large-scale shifts of the global metazoan community. My study techniques involve developing novel methods to interrogate rock outcrops and fossil organisms to obtain physical and chemical data for the reconstruction of ancient organisms and their environments.

Indu Panigrahi '23
Class of 2023

I am a Computer Science major in the Class of 2023. I am interested in developing methods to maximize the amount of information that computer vision models learn from small datasets, such as those in the geosciences. My research involves improving the segmentation of rock sample images in order to facilitate the 3D reconstruction of embedded fossils.

Devdigvijay S. Singh '24
Class of 2024

I graduated with an IB diploma from Victoria Park Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Canada. I'm concentrating in MAE ('24) with an interest in robotics, computer vision, and turbulent fluid dynamics. Currently, my research centers around applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to image segmentation and 3D sample reconstruction in the Geosciences.