Adam C. Maloof

Adam Maloof, Professor of Geosciences
  • Professor of Geosciences
Phone: 609-258-2844
Office: 213 Guyot Hall

Adam Maloof joined the faculty as an assistant professor of geology in July 2006 and was promoted to associate professor with tenure in January 2012 and full tenure in 2019.





Ryan A. Manzuk

Ryan Manzuk, Graduate Student
  • Graduate Student
Phone: 609-258-9836
Office: 209 Guyot Hall

I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago and followed that with a two-year interlude as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guinea, West Africa. Broadly, I am interested in researching the interplay of climate, environment, and biological evolution during large-scale shifts of the global metazoan community. My study techniques involve developing novel methods to interrogate rock outcrops and fossil organisms to obtain physical and chemical data for the reconstruction of ancient organisms and their environments.


Bolton Howes

Bolton Howes, Graduate Student
  • Graduate Student
Phone: 609-258-9817
Office: 208 Guyot Hall

Prior to Princeton, I received my bachelor's degree from Macalester College and my master's degree from the University of Georgia. My current research interests center around understanding transitions from icehouse to greenhouse conditions in Earth's history. I am particularly interested in how sedimentary and biological systems react to these climate transitions and will use physical stratigraphic and geochemical data combined with numerical modeling to decipher their response.


Stacey Edmonsond '21

Stacey Edmonsond, Undergraduate
  • Undergraduate

Stacey Edmonsond '21 is studying the mineralogy and isotope geochemistry of short cores acquired from deeper waters around Bahamian islands. She is trying to determine to what extent sediments are exported from the shelf, and to what extent those sediments are altered by deep marine waters.


Dawn Reading

Dawn Reading, Faculty Assistant
  • Faculty Assistant
Phone: 609-258-1589
Office: 112 Guyot Hall